Restaurant meal during 2022 visit

Monmouth Visit to Carbonne Sept 2022

Who can possibly refuse the opportunity to leave the grey skies of Monmouth for the blue skies and balmy 25 degree temperatures of France in September?  It was an absolute delight for 18 members of the Monmouth – Carbonne Town Twinning Association to visit friends they have made in our Twin Town of Carbonne. Many of the Monmouth travellers were founder members and have been visiting their French hosts for 40+ years. Others are much more recent but no less welcome for that!

A full programme of visits and activities included a fascinating hat factory that makes some really high end hats for Lacoste or Jean-Paul Gaultier. And, of course, the French are famous for their cuisine and their desire to invite guests for dinner. While many Monmouth visitors speak little French this doesn’t get in the way – no one ever feels excluded. But just browsing French markets to count just how many cheeses there are or taking a walk in the countryside with the Pyrenees in the distance in the beautiful warm weather makes for a good day.

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