Monmouth Carbonne Town Twinning

Linking with friends across the Channel.

Who We Are

Monmouth residents have enjoyed regular ‘exchange visits’, linking with friends in our French Twin Town, Carbonne, for almost 50 years.

Membership is open to all Monmouth residents – families, singles, couples, members of sports or cultural groups. 

And there’s no need to be able to speak French!

"The best thing about being a member is the friendships you make in France and the fact that our twin town Carbonne becomes a real home from home."

Town Twinning Visitors at gatehouse
church and snow capped pyrenees

"Choosing a 'best' memory isn't easy, but our stay in Marquefave, courtesy of the Chataings, allowed interactions with locals, prompted to chat, as I took my young daughters for early evening walks around the village."

What we do

Exchange Visits to Carbonne, near Toulouse, where we are welcomed into our hosts’ homes, experience French culture and visit fascinating places.

Social events in Monmouth – winetasting, barbecues, Welsh food evenings, petanque and skittles competitions.

Welcoming members of the Carbonne Twinning Association to visit Wales and see the gems of our region.

Why should I join?

The opportunities are amazing:

Experience real French Culture welcomed into the homes of our Twin Town hosts.

Personalised guided tours of the hidden gems of the Midi-Pyrenees region.

The chance for children to practise their French – setting up penfriends, families visiting families in their homes.

The chance for sport and cultural groups to meet their French counterparts for a joint competition or concert.

Fun social events in Monmouth – often with a French theme.

"Twinning is a much deeper experience than visiting a foreign place as a tourist. Instead of just sightseeing, you get to know the people and their way of life."

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